The Project & Sponsors

The 'Discovering the Beauty of the Cyclades' Project is now in its sixth year. Mark is enthusiastic to continue exploring the Cyclades to create new material to show on this website and for future exhibitions. He is interested to hear from people, businesses and organisations wishing to sponsor his research. Sponsors' names will appear on the homepage of this site below the photo and project title under the text: 'Further research for the project is sponsored by' during the time of their sponsorship, and will be present permanently on this Sponsors' Page. Sponsorship can be financial or in the form of a service offered.

Please use the following contact email address to discuss the idea:

A fund has been created for contributions towards further research of the project and can be accessed here.

Sponsors of the Project and Exhibitions

Mykonos Ristorante Taverna Greca, Milan
Sponsor of the inauguration of the 'Discovering the Beauty of the Cyclades' exhibition on 9th May 2019 at the Aquarium of Milan. The exhibition was officially approved and promoted by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Milan.
Mykonos Ristorante Taverna Greca a Milano

Further research of the project is sponsored by ANEK LINES, one of the leading passenger, car and cargo shipping companies in the Mediterranean.