Photographic Services
By Mark & Roxana Photography

Mark and Roxana are also Mark & Roxana Photography. He's the photographer, she's the principal model in the galleries on this website.

Services include:

Photographic tours in various places of interest, such as the Cyclades, Dolomites, Bucharest and Milan.

Assisting businesses needing to enhance their profiles through creative photography developed for exhibitions, companies can engage more closely with people as an alternative way of advertising their brands.

Exhibitions are held on-site or in other venues near and far, they can be held in foreign nations, with sales of the artwork containing a company brand name or logo becoming a way to advertise inside homes and offices for years to come.

Photography for online advertising campaigns is another strength of the partnership, as was the case for the 18 month, photographic tour campaign for Ios in the Cyclades. The island has since become decidedly busier even in off-peak summer months with tourists visiting from far off nations till now untypical. Mark is often recognised by visitors, receiving compliments for his photographic work done on Ios visible online and around the island.

A result of the couple's efforts to promote their tours internationally has been the placing on page one of google of both the Ios and Sikinos excursions.

The creation of photographic itineraries commissioned by businesses and researched in-depth by Mark & Roxana is an evolving theme. Companies can engage with members of the public directly by organising such tours, for example a two hour on-foot guided excursion of the historical part of a city centre with photography as its principal focus. Such gestures nourish the bond between organisations and the general public, they're inexpensive to create but effective. Photographic competitions can, as a consequence, be established and special events organised because of them.

Wedding photography, Christenings and events.


Mark photographing Partizan

Milan Cricket Club by Mark Wilman