Photographic Excursions in the Cyclades

Photographic Excursions in the Cyclades

Ios Island 2017
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View from Paleokastro, the castle of Ios - Excursion 9

Agia Theodoti Olives - Excursion 3

Last Bay Manganari - Excursion 1

Saponokoma - Excursion 2

Neraki Valley - Excursion 13

Ios Village View - Excursion 12

North Coast, Ios - Excursion 13

Kalamos Bay, Ios - Excursion 11

High above Ios Village - Excursion 6

Ios Village and trek to Skarkos Settlement
Excursion 7

14 Photography Excursions around Ios island, plus Special Excursions for the highly fit

Morning Climb, Ios

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Discover Ios island with an emphasis on capturing the experience photographically. The 14 Photographic Excursions, plus Special Excursions, cover most of the island offering participants beautiful views of areas often not visited even by the locals. Mark Wilman’s photography project ‘Discovering the Beauty of Ios’ has been accepted for consideration by top art institutions and foundations, including: MoMA, J. Paul Getty Museum, Louis Vuitton and Benetton Foundations. An exhibition of the work is due to take place in Milan in the coming months at a significant central venue.

Excursions 1 - 14

Excursion 1: Manganari Exterior to a viewpoint of Varvaronisi island

Excursion 2: Saponokoma Flat Rock (swimming option)

Excursion 3: Agia Theodoti (swimming option)

Excursion 4: Tris Klisies (swimming option)

Excursion 5: Homer's Tomb and Northern Coastline (swimming option)

Excursion 6: High area above the village with view towards Sikinos and other islands

Excursion 7: Ios Village and trek to Ancient Skarkos Settlement

(N.B. If Skarkos is open and a visit is decided, the entrance fee is not included)

Excursion 8: Manganari Interior (swimming option)

Excursion 9: Paleokastro (castle) and Psathi Bay (swimming option)

Excursion 10: Lorenzena Bay area (swimming option)

Excursion 11: Kalamos and Plakes Bays (swimming option)

Excursion 12: Route via Koltsani to Valmas and Ag. Irini Church

Excursion 13: Neraki Valley
(swimming option)

Excursion 14 Faros (Lighthouse)

Special Excursions

Please note, Special Excursions require a serious level of fitness

1) Mount Pyrgos ( 713 m ) - Ios' highest mountain and a steep climb

2) Hilltop Church - a beautiful church rarely visited with views towards Paros, Naxos and the Small Cyclades

3) Profitis Elias - Hilltop with views over Milopotas and Ios Port bay

4) Ios Mine - following goat paths this excursion arrives at the ancient quartz mine

5) Koumbara Hilltop - a steep climb with views of the village, port bay and surrounding islands

6) Tripiti Bay - Starting from Manganari, a vertical climb to begin and end. A beautiful beach to discover.

7) Varvaronisi Island - a trek, swim and climb experience not possible if the wind is strong. Truly excting.

8) Diakofto Rock - Swimming Excursion, not possible if the wind is strong. One of the most significant landmarks of Ios.

9) Plakes from High - One of the remotest parts of the island, the view from high is impressive.

10) Psathi Interior - An adventure into the complex landscape of Psathi Bay.

11) Manganari Hilltop - with views over Manganari to Santorini, Anafi and Amorous weather permitting. A steep but worthwhile climb high above Manganari Bay.

11) Long Exposure photography - For photography enthusiasts with their own equipment.

Details and Prices

1) All excursions are for private parties only with no maximum participant number.

2) If the number of participants exceeds 4, transportation will need to be organised by the additional participants at their own cost.

3) A waiver of responsibility must be signed by each participant before an excursion.

4) Excursions last approximately 3 hours, Special Excursions may last longer.

5) Food and drink are not provided.

6) Participants are recommended to use comfortable protective clothing and footwear. Suncream protection is highly important.

Prices are as follows

15th June to 31st July / 1st September to 15th September

Excursions 1 - 14: €85 / person

Special Excursions: €120 / person

1st August to 31st August

Excursions 1 - 14: €120 / person

Special Excursions: €155 / person

Saponokoma - Excursion 2

Ios East Side - Excursion 11

Agia Theoditi - Excursion 3

Plakes - Excursion 11

Church at Paleokastro - Excursion 9

Loretzena Bay - Excursion 10

Agia Theodoti Inland - Excursion 3

Diakofto - Excursion 14

Tris Klisies - Excursion 4

Valmas Bay - Excursion 12

Neraki View - Excursion 13

Manganari Bay - Excursion 8

Special Excursion 4

Photographic Sea Excursions

Special Photographic Sea Excursion 9
Diakofto Rock

Special Excursion 6

Ios Village and trek to Skarkos Settlement - Excursion 7

Small Bay Behind Tris Klisies - Excursion 4

Psathi Area - Excursion 9

Photographic Sea Excursions

Manganari Bay - Excursion 8

Faros - Excursion 14

Plakes - Excursion 11

Ag Irini - Excursion 12

Tris Krises Bay - Excursion 4

Saponokoma - Excursion 2

Jetty at Agia Theodoti - Excursion 3

Way to Ios Village from Excursion 4

Tripiti Bay
Special Excursion 7

Long Exposure Photography
Special Excursion 12

Psathi Interior
Special Excursion 11

Path to Saponokoma - Excursion 2

Varvaronisi Island - Excursion 1

Agia Theodoti - Excursion 3

Tris Klisies - Excursion 4

Saponokoma Flat Rock - Excursion 2

Faros Sunset - Excursion 12

View over Ios Village - Excursion 6

Kolitsani and Milopotas Bays - Excursion 12

Loretzena - Excursion 10

Manganari - Excursion 1

Plakatos - Excursion 5

Faros - Excursion 14

Varvaronisi Bay
Special Excursion 8
(boat excluded!)

Cricket on Ios

Manganari Tree - Excursion 8

Neraki Valley - Excursion 13

Ios Village - Excursion 7

Manganari - Excursion 8

Port Bay, Ios - Excursion 14

Agia Theodoti - Excursion 3

Tris Klisies - Excursion 4

Tris Klisies - Excursion 4

Rocks at Saponokoma - Excursion 2

Sunset in Manganari - Excursion path 1

Agia Irini - Excursion 12

Special Excursion 6

Special Excursion 5

Plakes from high
Special Excursion 10

Saponokoma Flat Rock - Excursion 2