Winter Lady

Mark with Ciaspole

Mark painfully cold

Introduction to 'Winter' galleries
by Mark Wilman

The beauty of winter can be painfully cold. I have loved being in the Dolomite mountains year after year, addicted to a location high above the city of Bolzano in the region of Trentino Alto Adige in north-east Italy. I don't ski, I trek using 'ciaspole', or snow shoes and poles. Paths are numbered on painted square backgrounds inscribed on trees along the way, so no matter how distant a destination, there's a feeling of safety, though fitness is essential, plus a snack of fruit and nuts.

Carrying a pack with two cameras, lenses and a tripod on long snowy jaunts sounds silly and it is, but without the gear, there can't be worthy photos. As is typical, the most memorable images come not from fixed scenes, or views, but from sudden moments inside them, for example a cloud that got stuck, sunlight on a single tree inside a woods, mist that took control without warning.

Turn the page and take a flight, add the model and head for a lake area. How she and the bird at the top of that willow noticed each other, I have no idea.