Introduction to 'Monochromes' Galleries
by Mark Wilman

The reason for monochrome in the Guest House of Once Upon a Time gallery was to avoid distraction caused by colour imbalance and poor textures found in the objects and details throughout the set, for example, badly matched colours in bathroom tiles and cheap plastic surfaces. The inspiration to try first black & white and then move on to sepia was the natural wood characteristics present in all of the images: door and window frames or trees.

The darker contrasts quite fascinated me in monochrome, so I happily stayed with the theme.

Likewise with the three young ladies in 'Expressions of Friendship' it was a question of wrong colours; no colour code had been established prior to the shooting, which brought out distracting results. Mostly, I liked sepia because of its effect on skin, it caused a deep contrast against human eyes enabling more depth in expressions. These girls were real friends and had been for many years, so their request to perform in this way was quite interesting.