The Greek Herald, Nov 1st 2019

In this interview with the award winning Greek Herald, established in 1926, I discuss my attachment to Greece and particularly the Cyclades dating back to 1974 and how my life's experiences, including meeting a U.S. President and future Secretary of State on an island in the archipelago, culminated in the creation of the 'Discovering the Beauty of the Cyclades' project.

Greek City Times, Nov 18th 2019

'Mark Wilman's Phenomenal Cycladic Discoveries' is the title of this article about my work with quotes from an interview I had with senior journalist Alexia Amvrazi at the Greek City Times who discusses my work in depth. Several photos are included in large format.

See also the MEDIA page for a list of embassies using their social media platforms and journals that have introduced the Discovering the Beauty of the Cyclades project.