Books by Mark Wilman

Fire On Ios

On the 9th of October at night, a gale force wind from the north struck the island of Ios. A small fire at the foot of a mountain not far from the hilltop village became an inferno ravaging its way towards people’s homes. For first time viewers like myself, it was an awesome sight and thoughts went straight to my camera not then close at hand.

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Discovering The Beauty Of The Cyclades, Exhibition at the Milan Aquarium

A four year photographic project of the Cyclades by W. M. Wilman who explores the more remote areas of islands in this archipelago encouraged by the explanations of a leading Greek archeologist and director of a preeminent Athens museum, who was a friend for over two decades. He anticipates photographically one of the most significant discoveries in recent history: a tomb hidden for 1.800 years under an ancient Roman church in an area of undisturbed beauty. This book represents his exhibition at the Aquarium of Milan. Printing on high quality ProLine Pearl paper.

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IOS by Mark Wilman

Ios, the wild flower, feels timeless because her nature defines, inspires because she’s beautiful, torments when her weather is extreme, and starves when compared to places of lush vegetation and the choices available elsewhere. Ios is about feeling alive by imagining her ancient past, though with difficulty since she reveals her history on a seemingly what you see basis and regarding monuments that isn’t much. However, take a walk over rough grounds in remote parts and note the terracotta fragments on tops of mountains and in deep ravines. History tells of arrivals by various peoples, but where are the remains of their homes away from the port and village? And the battles which took place? The island is a never ending discovery stimulating the desire to blend with nature, memorize colours, sounds and textures along the way.

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