Profile: Mark Wilman

Mark Wilman’s photographic work about Ios, Greece has been accepted for consideration at the highest levels of the art world. The focus on Mediterranean nature and its encounter with humanity in the female form creates the bond they naturally express: woman blending harmoniously with mother nature inside the untamed, scenic landscapes of spectacular Cycladic beauty.

Originally from the Notting Hill area of London, Mark spent many years in Milan where he followed a teaching career earning him a client list that included: Stefano Gabbana of D&G; Gabriele Albertini, 8 year mayor of Milan; Giampiero Vigorelli, a leading voice in Italian advertising; Università degli Studi di Milano, as well as many national and multinational companies in various sectors. Milan also brought about a personal introduction to the famous artist Maurizio Cattelan, an encounter that has had a determined impact on him ever since.

A visitor to Ios from age ten, he has learned intensely from the experiences becoming a freediver, trekker and rock climber in order to discover the abundant beauty, adding photography to these involving activities as the digital age has progressed.

N.B. Regarding Mark's work on this website, the exclusive, single edition photos in the passworded galleries are intended for viewing by art gallerists, art dealers and art collectors. A password request form is provided.

Together with Roxana, the model in the photo projects on this site, Mark has created a photographic business, Mark & Roxana Photography Srl. The company's services include photographic excursions in various places of interest, as well as assisting businesses in enhancing their profiles through creative photography for exhibitions to engage more closely with the public, an alternative way of advertising their brands.